South African trail conditions are predominantly rocky, rugged and hard-packed. For this reason Inov-8 have had great success with models like the TrailRoc, RocLite and RaceUltra. As a result Inov-8 has been on the feet of winners of major South African events like The Otter, the Lesotho Sky Run and African-X.

Continuing the tradition of these fantastic models is the TrailTalon. The all-new Inov-8 hard-packed trail model for 2016.

The TrailTalon 275 is a superbly cushioned shoe that offers a stack height of 17.5mm and an 8mm heel-to-toe drop. Inov-8’s new Powerflow midsole provides 10% better shock absorption and 15% better energy return and gives the TrailTalon 275 a plush, cushioned ride while still maintaining Inov-8’s responsive handling characteristics.

The Trail Talon 275 has a fully-randed upper for protection of both the shoe and the foot from rocks and other trail debris. Inov-8’s new Adapter-Fit metcradle holds the foot securely without impeding the natural mechanics of the foot, making contouring and descending painless.

TrailTalon 250

The TrailTalon 250 is the stripped-back version of the 275. Extremely light and phenomenally flexible and responsive, the 250 is all about performance and agility on rocky trails. Making it the perfect replacement for the extremely successful, RaceUltra 270. With a 4mm heel-to-toe drop, the TrailTalon 250 allows for perfect proprioception and ‘trail feel’. While the Powerflow midsole and 13.5mm stack height still provide the required under-foot protection and cushioning. Far more than you would expect in a shoe this light.

Whether you are looking for a well-cushioned and protected ultra-distance racer or everyday trail trainer in the 275 or a stripped-back, lightweight, responsive trail racer in the 250, the TrailTalon range will give you the ultimate grip and confidence to maximise your running experience on the rocky, hard-packed South African trails.

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